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An edible gift always goes down a treat at Christmas. These bite-sized pieces of chocolatey goodness rolled in pistachios and coconut are not only heavenly, but simple to make. Box them up and place them under the tree for the perfect present.

If there’s one time of year where you should spoil yourself and those around you with decadent desserts, it’s Christmas. Layers upon layers of pears, mascarpone, coffee-soaked sponge finger biscuits and salted caramel come together in this divine delicacy. You’ll definitely want a second helping!

Show your guests just how good chargrilled vegetables can be with this winning recipe. The combination of chargrilled broccolini, asparagus and sweet potato seasoned with garlic and chilli create a well-rounded and flavoursome dish. We recommend dolloping with a creme fraiche and mustard dressing for a creamy finish.

Brightly coloured and just as brightly flavoured, these honey roasted heirloom carrots are a beautiful side dish. Drizzle in sweet honey and sprinkle with toasted mustard seeds, currants and coriander for a result that’s exploding with different tastes and textures.

The table at Christmas time wouldn’t be complete without this nutmeg roasted turkey sitting proud in the middle – we can’t get enough of those warm scents wafting through the room. Be sure to serve it up smothered in homemade brandy gravy. Enjoy!

Ahhh, the thought of a crispy, golden-skinned roast chicken is enough to make anyone’s mouth tingle with anticipation. Serve our Christmas variation alongside a tangy sauce vierge made of juicy tomatoes and delicate herbs to take this one to the next level.

Start off your festive feast the right way by dishing up these delectable galettes with poached chicken, creamy brie and cranberry sauce. The impressive combination of crusty pastry and rich filling will have everyone asking for the recipe. De-lish!

What would Christmas be without a sweet and creamy chilled glass of eggnog? Lightly spiced with flavours of cinnamon and vanilla, this milky drink goes down a treat when paired with a delicious roast lunch.

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Lilydale Good Life Guarantee

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