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The Lilydale Promise

The Lilydale Promise

The Lilydale Promise
Farmed With Care

At Lilydale we’re committed to farming free range chickens and producing the best quality product.

Access to outdoors

Lilydale free range chickens, once adequately feathered, normally around 21 days, have the ability to leave their barns and access fenced outdoor range areas, during daylight hours.

The outdoor range areas are equipped with shade huts, hay bales and wooden ramps.

Whilst many chickens are content with the comforts of a barn, during an average day, a proportion of the chickens will venture outside and return to the barn at their leisure.

Various conditions, including weather, can affect if or how many chickens choose to access the range areas and how long they stay outside. 

Nutritious Feed

Lilydale free range chickens are fed diets specially formulated by our nutritionists to ensure a vitamin enriched, nutritious and balanced diet comprising of quality cereal grains (such as wheat and sorghum), protein meals and supplemented by vitamins, minerals and amino acids to achieve optimum health and well-being. In addition to their diet, the chickens are free to forage for fresh vegetation when ranging.

No Antibiotic Growth Promotants

Under Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia (FREPA) guidelines, growth promoting antibiotics are not permitted for use.

If chickens become ill and antibiotic treatment is required under veterinary direction, those birds will not be sold as free range.

FREPA allows the use of medications to prevent coccidiosis. These medications are used under veterinary direction.

All of our chicken meat meets the Australian government's stringent regulations for human consumption and this is confirmed by periodic testing of the meat for residues.

We care about the health and welfare of our chickens.  Our dedicated veterinarians are responsible for ensuring the health of our chickens and for making all decisions relating to medication use.  Our team takes the use of medications very seriously.

FREPA accredited

Lilydale farms are accredited by Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia (FREPA) and are regularly audited.  FREPA is a group of dedicated Free Range producers and accredited processors setting high standards of benchmark for farming free range meat chickens in Australia. Lilydale believes in FREPA’s standards,  which include:

  • Chickens when fully feathered must have easy access to an area on which to range during daylight hours.
  • The area where chickens are permitted to range must have shade and shelter.
  • The range area must be capable of continued production of palatable vegetation.
  • Only wholesome foods are permitted, with the addition of vitamins, minerals and amino acids as required for the welfare of the chickens.

For more information about FREPA and the standards please visit www.frepa.com.au

Lower Stocking Levels

Lilydale farms stock no more than 30 kg per square metre of internal floor space in the sheds at maximum density. This allows Lilydale free range chickens more space per chicken to move in the barns than conventional barn raised chickens (density generally being 28-40 kg/m2)

Perches in the range areas

For perching, hay bales and ramps are provided in our range areas to encourage Lilydale free range chickens to range outdoors. This provides interest, enrichment and activity for the chickens.

Australian Owned And Grown

Lilydale farms are found in SA, NSW and QLD. They are primarily located around the Barossa Valley, the Central Coast, the outskirts of the Hunter Valley, close to the Blue Mountains and in South East Queensland.

All Lilydale free range chickens are 100% Australian owned and grown.

The Lilydale Promise