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Mushroom, goats cheese & cous cous stuffing

Tip… halve this recipe if using to stuff a whole chicken. Reduce olive oil to 1 tablespoon.

Makes: 20


  • 20g butter
  • ¼ cup olive oil
  • 1 small onion, fnely chopped
  • 50g pancetta, fnely chopped
  • 300g mixed mushrooms, very fnely chopped
  • 1 garlic clove, fnely chopped
  • 3 thyme sprigs
  • 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
  • 1 cup cous cous
  • ¾ cup boiling water
  • 60g goats cheese
  • 1 egg, lightly beaten


  1. Heat butter and 1 tablespoon of oil in a large frying pan on medium. Cook onion for 5 minutes, until soft. Add pancetta and cook for another 3 minutes, until browned, stirring regularly. Add mushrooms, garlic and thyme. Cook for 15 minutes, stirring occasionally, until mushrooms are soft and dry. Stir through mustard.
  2. Place cous cous in a heatproof bowl. Pour over boiling water, cover with plastic wrap and set aside for 10 minutes, until liquid is absorbed. Using a fork, fuff up grains.
  3. Add mushroom mixture and goats cheese to cous cous. Season well, stir to combine. Set aside to cool completely.
  4. Add egg to cous cous, mix well. Shape 2 tablespoons of mixture into small patties. Place on a baking paper lined baking tray and chill for 30 minutes.
  5. Heat remaining oil in a large frying pan on medium. Cook patties, in batches, for 1- 2 minutes each side, until crisp and golden.
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Our Recipes
Our Recipes