• Lilydale is now locally grown in WA
  • Lilydale ready for you to bake chicken strips
  • Street food is one of the hottest food trends to take over the Australian culinary scene.

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Dine Out with Best Restaurants of Australia competition

Dine Out with Best Restaurants of Australia competition

Wednesday 9 October, 2013

Overall and final weeks winners announced. 

Lilydale Dine Out for year with Lilydale and BEST RESTAURANTS OF AUSTRALIA.

Congratulations to the Major Prize Winner: Lesley Jonas


  • 25th August Shane Huntington
  • 24th August Kristin Soda
  • 23rd August Rhonda Vang
  • 22nd August Craig Bagshaw
  • 21st August Ayoma de Alwis
  • 20th August Sheridan Eksteen
  • 19th August Christina Patiniotis


  • 18th August: Rebecca Cause
  • 17th August: Maureen Harrington
  • 16th August: Christie Hartfiel
  • 15th August: Angela Moore
  • 14th August: Raquel Edwards
  • 13th August: Rosemary Harris
  • 12th August: Janelle Dargan


  • 11th August: Chrissi Fischmann
  • 10th August: Lisa Crawford
  • 9th August: Caroline Litster
  • 8th August: Glenda Chapman
  • 7th August: Marion Dodds
  • 6th August: Peter Byrne
  • 5th August: Sherie Sunderland


  • 4th August: Robyn Parker
  • 3rd August: Leanne Neiland
  • 2nd August: Rosemary Radford
  • 1st August: Christophe Gregoire
  • 31st July: Teresa Creighton
  • 30th July: Jane Evans
  • 29th July: Shirley Yeates


  • 28th July: Megan Hicks
  • 27th July: Angela Bennett
  • 26th July: Toni Wagner
  • 25th July: Colin Bansgrove
  • 24th July: Debbie Brady
  • 23rd July: Peter Fry
  • 22nd July: Melissa Liddy


  • 21st July: Peter Rickards
  • 20th July: Marilyn Hannon
  • 19th July: Kerry Geinitz
  • 18th July: Monica Laufer De Brik
  • 17th July: Charmaine Farrington
  • 16th July: Noelle Clark
  • 15th July: Kristy Mathews


Thanks to all who entered the competition.

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Whats New
Whats New